The Inaugural Face-to-Face Management Meeting of our Northern Regional Leaders

4 April 2024

In a first-of-its-kind event, our northern regional leaders gathered face-to-face in West Yorkshire for their management meeting.

The meeting served as an opportunity for the team to physically review and discuss strategies for improving the quality of SARC services across the northern region. Additionally, it was a chance to celebrate the addition of four new members to the management team over the past year, along with the introduction of two new additional roles tailored to the region’s needs.

The meeting commenced with the team delving into a comprehensive agenda. Discussions revolved around current risks and priorities, with the team engaging in collaborative group work to localise Business Continuity Plans, ensuring preparedness for any eventuality.

In the afternoon session, the focus shifted towards development and innovation. The team discussed personal and professional growth plans, highlighting areas for improvement and innovation within the SARC. Quality performance and statistical reviews provided valuable insights into areas of strength and opportunities for improvement

As the day progressed, Traci Benton facilitated a reflective group supervision session aimed at fostering meaningful discussions surrounding self-awareness, team dynamics, and the promotion of trauma-informed practices throughout the organisation. This session underscored the team’s dedication to continuous learning and improvement.

Throughout the meeting, team members actively documented key themes and mottos that resonated with the core values of Mountain Healthcare: “Be Kind and Do the Right Thing.” These reflections served as guiding principles for future endeavours and reinforced the team’s commitment to delivering exceptional services across the SARC in the northern region.

Thanks to all our leaders present at the meeting:
Natalie Brooks, SARC Regional Contract Director, North, Kyrstie Hanson, Operations Lead, North, Keeley Roe, Associate Head of Healthcare Northern Region, Emma Hatfield, Forensic Nurse Advisor for Sexual Assault (Military) Rebecca Brokenshaw, SARC Teesside and The Meadows SARC Manager,  Emma Collinson, The Angel Centre SARC Manager, Chloe Williams, Bridgehouse SARC Manager, Donna Dabell, Hackenthorpe Lodge SARC Manager (South Yorkshire), Sarah Wood, Hazlehurst Centre SARC Manager (West Yorkshire), Traci Benton, Forensic Nurse Examiner
SARC, Yorkshire and Humber, Emily Callaghan, West & North Yorkshire Paediatric Services Lead.

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