Healthcare in Police Custody

Unrivalled Forensic Healthcare

Mountain Healthcare partners with the Police to provide expert Forensic Healthcare services to custody detainees with diverse needs.

The safety and well-being of our patients are our utmost priorities whilst also supporting the criminal justice system.

Our contracts include the West Midlands Police, Thames Valley Police, Surrey Police and Cumbria Police. We also provide clinical governance support, training and telephone advice services to custody healthcare professionals across the UK.

Our Custody Locations

Putting our patients first

We address immediate and long-term patient health conditions for safety, wellbeing and to prevent re-offending. Detainees are treated respectfully and involved in decisions about their healthcare to promote continuity of care and prevent miscarriages of justice.

We proudly supported

90,000+ detainees in 2022

2023 Police Custody benefits

  • £2,500 sign-on bonus*
  • £3,000 relocation allowance*
  • £1,500 staff referral bonus scheme*
  • £3,000 estimated average overtime*

*Applies in 2023, further terms and conditions apply

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We provide services for the clients you trust

Effective care is holistic, efficient and flexible.

How we support our patients:

  • Assessments of fitness for detention and custody interviews
  • Evidential sample collection
  • Treatment of injuries and illnesses present during custody
  • Exit Release Risk Assessments and onward referrals
  • Training to agencies and organisations on detainee safety
Day in the life of a Healthcare Professional

Our team

  • Entry Level Forensic Custody Healthcare Professionals
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Emergency Care Technicians
  • Paramedics
  • Forensic Practitioners
  • Forensic Medical Examiners
  • Clinical Leads
  • Heads of Healthcare

Practitioners must have a minimum of 3+ years post-qualification experience within an acute medical setting.

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Committed to excellence

Forensic Practitioner Gateway, two-year training

  • Produce research in your area of interest
  • Complete a Quality Initiative to improve patient experience
  • Receive mentoring from an expert in your chosen field
  • Be awarded the accredited title of Forensic Practitioner following Board approval
  • Free of cost
explore our career paths

Custody student nursing placement for 3rd-year adult nurses and paramedics 

  • Shadow our experienced Healthcare Professionals and Forensic Medical Examiners to gain insight into a clinician’s role in forensic procedures and the part they play in the criminal justice system
  • Work with detainees and observe assessments to ensure their safety
  • Gain a greater understanding of the complex and diverse needs of detainees
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What our clients are saying

"The standard of work is always consistent, thorough, helpful and never lacking."

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