Healthcare in Secure Environments

Outstanding holistic healthcare

Mountain Healthcare partners with NHS England to provide a holistic child-centred service at Aldine House, a secure children’s home for 11 to 18-year-olds on welfare and justice placements.

We empower the children in our care by providing them with techniques to look after their own physical, mental and emotional wellbeing during and after they leave the secure home.

Day in the life at a Secure Children’s Home

A whole system approach

Our service utilises the independently approved NHSE Integrated Care (SECURE STAIRS) Framework.

This is a whole system approach to childcare, emphasising that every interaction matters and care plans are individually tailored to the children’s unique long-term needs.

We work hard to establish a trauma-informed and nurturing environment that protects the children’s rights and makes them feel able to speak freely about a wide range of issues related to their healthcare and well-being.

The preferences and opinions of the children are always listened to and considered respectfully, and greatly influence the services we provide.

Our services

  • Psychological assessment and treatment
  • Psychiatric support
  • Physical health assessment and treatment
  • Speech and language assessment and treatment
  • Health promotion and education
  • Substance misuse assessment and treatment
  • Trauma-informed training and supervision for staff working with young people with complex needs
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Our team

  • Advanced Nurse Practitioners
  • Psychologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Mental Health Practitioners
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Head of Healthcare
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Committed to excellence

What our clients are saying

"This very well led, flexible and effective service helps to ensure that children make excellent progress in improving their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.”

Ofsted 2022

"I cannot say enough how much of a positive impact the healthcare team have been with their presence and expertise. We’ve had really positive feedback from the residential staff and from the young that they are approachable and that they feel listened to and involved in their healthcare.”

Registered Home Manager

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