Inspiring the Next Generation ​of Medical Professionals​

5 December 2023


For many of us in health and social care, work experience will have played a crucial role in inspiring our career decisions and helping us take the first steps on our career journey. We are proud to support the next generation of medical professionals by offering work experience placements to students as a part of the In2Science scheme.

This year we partnered with In2Science to help us find candidates for 2023. Out of hundreds of applicants to the scheme we were matched with Tiffany and Christy for their shared values and dedication to providing world-class medical services.


Mentorship and Guidance

To help Tiffany and Christy gain the right experience in their field of interest, we paired them with Dr. Sami Ekeocha, our Clinical Director at Mountain Healthcare, who was previously a surgeon. She shared her experience and talked them through what it was like to work in such a vital role.

Professional Development

Tiffany and Christy shared that they were also applying for residencies as a part of their training. To help prepare for the interviews, CV writing, and placement applications that the process requires they had a session with our Recruitment Director, who was able to give actionable tips and guidance on how to stand out with a professional profile that will attract employers.

Innovative Data Analysis Projects

As part of our commitment to fostering innovation, our work placement program incorporated a special session focused on data analysis projects. In collaboration with our dedicated RCI Data Team, the students were exposed to the transformative world of leveraging data for insights and decision-making in healthcare. They learnt how to compare different datasets and gave a presentation of their findings to the team, both vitally important skills when you are studying medicine.


We look forward to checking in with our students, learning about their careers, and offering any additional support they may need on their professional journey.

Next year we plan to extend the duration of the program to a minimum of 2-4 weeks. This extension will not only deepen the student’s engagement with our healthcare environment but will also allow for more comprehensive skill development and a greater understanding of the intricacies of the healthcare profession.