Celebrating the One-Year Launch Anniversary of Our Sector Leading SARC Toolkit

Mountain Healthcare is at the forefront of innovative information sharing and using data to drive decision-making to provide the best possible services to patients at our 19 Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs) across England.

18 April 2023

Our impact: In 2022, we helped 11,900+ individuals telephoning for advice and oversaw 5,150+ in-person SARC appointments.

Join us as we celebrate the one-year launch anniversary of our SARC Toolkit. The Toolkit puts valuable information at the fingertips of our NHSE and Police Commissioners across our national contracts. Data such as patient demographics, team response time and referrals/aftercare are collected and analysed to inform our service design and greater government strategies to prevent and respond to sexual assault crimes in the UK. 

The SARC Toolkit has been developed in partnership with our National SARC and Secure Estate Director Emelia Spencer and Benchmark Management Consulting, an RCI Group company specialising in health and social care benchmarking, data and intelligence. Benchmark is the official research support team of the NHS Benchmarking Network.

Kevin Banks, Director of Business Support Services at Mountain Healthcare said: 

“The toolkit has been an overwhelming success and I am excited to announce that we are now beginning phase two of the project. This new phase involves further developing our collection processes and making data-driven decisions to improve and support survivor experiences. We keep our patients at the forefront of all that we do, always.”

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