New SARC – LED Light Helps Prevent Biological Fluid Contamination 

2 November 2022

Innovation in Sexual Assault Services

Furthering our commitment to forensic health research and innovation within our leading patient services, Mountain Healthcare recently invested in new technology, the Sexual Assault Rapid Crime Scene-LED (SARCS-LED) light. Working in partnership with CopperTree Forensics and Staffordshire University, the SARC-LED allows for the scanning of an entire room in minutes enabling the identification of microscopic biological and trace contaminates through the auto-fluorescence of the contaminants.  

Findings from the partnership were presented to the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences and the Forensic Science Regulator and have led to new cleaning protocols in the sector to raise standards of service. At Mountain Healthcare, our Standard Operating Procedure and assessment processes for maintaining ongoing competency ensure our services comply with the new forensic regulatory guidance and standards. Our assessment processes can include feedback on environmental monitoring, information around the submission of samples taken and peer review. 

At our Surrey SARC, The Solace Centre, we spoke with Manager Pat Battersby about the positive impact the new technology has on our leading services: 

“At The Solace Centre, the SARC-LED is used for deep cleaning and dip test decontamination cleaning after seeing a patient. It is essential that our examination rooms have the highest possible standards of cleanliness so that forensic samples are properly taken and patients are safe. The light is just one way we are implementing new technology across our sites to ensure patients receive the best standard of care.”