Day in the Life of a SARC Manager

What is it like to manage a SARC?

Keeley Roe is a SARC Manager and Associate Head of Healthcare.

"As a SARC Manager, no two days are ever the same. You might think that is similar to every nursing role, however, the complexities of the criminal justice system that we work within make it just that more interesting.

A typical shift for me can involve taking calls from people who have experienced sexual abuse in their past and never told anyone. They may now want to know where they can go to for help and support and it’s my role to establish that they are safe and signpost them to the relevant teams that can help them.

A call from the police may come in for a rape victim who needs a medical forensic examination. I speak to the patient to obtain consent and set an appointment time. Once that patient attends the SARC, my priority is to gain their trust and give them choices. I want them to feel in control of what happens during their time at the SARC. Sexual assault and rape are forms of control and we give control back to our patients at every opportunity.

Alongside us nurses, we work with an amazing team of Crisis Workers (who advocate for the patients whilst they are in the SARC).

A full medical history is taken and we will briefly discuss the details of the assault with the patient. I will carry out a medical examination and record any injuries. Any forensic samples taken are agreed with the patient, and nothing is taken without full consent.

Once the examination is complete, we begin our aftercare assessment with the patient, which includes a full sexual health assessment including HIV risks and pregnancy risks. We will then discuss any referrals for the patient which can include services like safeguarding (both adult and child), GP, sexual health clinics, domestic violence services, or counselling.

I trained as a nurse to work in the field of sexual assault forensics. If you are looking for a fulfilling role and to be part of a forward-thinking company that puts patients first and does this time after time, then this could be the job for you."

“Each case will be different, but what remains the same is empathy, compassion and kindness.”


-Keeley Roe

SARC Manager and Associate Head of Healthcare




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